Important events

So a pretty important event happened recently which is pretty central to the topics that this blog addresses. Accordingly I'll blow the dust off my blogging keyboard and blog about it.

That's right, the Western New York Flash played its' first home game in Rochester in the Womens Professional Soccer league. I was there with 2,173 fellow soccer fans to watch a thoroughly entertaining and absolutely dominant performance. The level of play was way higher than the Rochester Rhinos' brand of kick-'n'-run ball. 9 of the 11 starters were starters for their national teams, including Marta, aka "Pele with skirts."

The Flash beat Atlanta 3-0 and it could have been 6 or 7 easily. The entire first half was possession soccer played inside the attacking half. Possession was probably 85% for the Flash. Anyways, it was great. Hopefully attendance will go up as people realize that they are putting on a show. Maybe if their PR team interviewed male sports fans, they could be billed as "a professional sports team" rather than "a WOMEN'S professional sports team."

And then we ate some Pho, went home, and, while checking my phone before bed, saw on Twitter that Usama bin Laden was killed. I guess that is kind of important too.


It's like blogging for lazy people! Which is why I am doing it!