Scary Muslims!

I've never heard of "Investor's Business Daily," but they ran a pretty funny editorial on Thursday. It makes perfect sense, if you proceed from the following assumptions:

Muslim = terrorist

Any politician who has received Muslim votes = the enemy

Anyone who disapproves of President Bush = the enemy (gosh, that'd be 69% of Americans!)

A couple choice quotes:

Expect Conyers and Pelosi to kick open the doors of Congress to Islamists from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other militant groups...

During the first Gulf War, for instance, Conyers fought FBI outreach efforts in the Arab and Muslim community in Detroit that were designed to gather intelligence on potential cells and protect the home front... Today, Hamas, Hezbollah and the al-Qaida-tied Muslim Brotherhood are all active in the area.

Conyers took $5000 from the Arab-American Leadership PAC. If he's in bed with them, he must also be in bed with the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Anheuser-Busch, the American Federation of Teachers, Boilermakers Union, and of course, the Major League Baseball Commissioner's Office, all of whom also donated $5000 to his campaign, not to mention the 18 organizations that gave more than $5000.

Apparently people believe this stuff. It's hard to come up with anything to say about crap like this that's so off the wall. I think Borat is really the only person that can talk to these people.

Final thought - GWOT™ is a struggle against extremists... on both sides. Ours empower theirs and vice versa.


Dan tdaxp said...

Your criticism only holds up if you equate CAIR with some touchy-feely program of openness & friendship. It is not. Purpleslog has been following CAIR, but there are many other watchdogs, too.

Adrian said...

Dan -

I fail to see the link between CAIR (or at least individuals associated with CAIR) having links with Islamist organizations, and Conyers being "in the pocket of Islamists," especially considering only one Arab/Muslim group gave him any amount of money, that that adds up to less than 5% of his total campaign contributions.

At those two websites, I see a whole lot of bluster and not many facts.