Interesting poll

Gallup just did a poll asking people whether they would vote for a Catholic, a Mormon, a Jew, a Black person, a Hispanic, a woman, etc. Here's the data:

If Your Party Nominated A Generally Would You Be Comfortable
In Voting Well-Qualified Candidate For WH '08 For A WH
'08er Who Was ___, Would You Vote For That Person?

Yes No
Catholic 95% 4%
Black 94 5
Jewish 92 7
A woman 88 11
Hispanic 87 12
Mormon 72 24
Married for third time 67 30
72 years old 57 42
A homosexual 55 43
An atheist 45 53

Apparently there are 159,630,450 Americans who would never vote for me for President based purely on my lack of religious faith. To me it's strange that the most people would never consider voting for an atheist, yet atheists aren't historically as persecuted as gays, Jews, or a lot of the groups in that list; gays, Jews, blacks, etc. have been murdered for being gay, Jewish or black, but I'm unaware of any of that happening to atheists.
I am reminded that, in terms of national politics, we have Catholic, Jewish, black, Hispanic, female, Mormon, divorced, gay and old Congressional Representatives, but no atheists yet. I'm disappointed they didn't ask about Muslims. That would be a fascinating data point to track over time.

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