Deporting soldier's wives

Over on TDAXP (still don't know where that name comes from), there was a post a while ago called "Improving Americans", on immigration. I left a comment, the last sentence of which was
Citizenship for foreigners who lay their life on the line for our country really should be a no-brainer.
Meaning non-citizens who join the American military should get an expedited path to citizenship (this is close to becoming reality). I don't really see how anyone could object to that proposal. Everyone else at TDAXP agreed.

So, from Rude Pundit, I bring you this:
Alex Jimenez's wife, Yaderlin, faces deportation because, yup, she's illegal. The woman pictured cuddling with her Army hubby may be sent back to the Dominican Republic, where she would have to stay for ten years before she could apply to come back. Her status as an illegal immigrant was discovered because, yup, Alex applied to get her a green card and legal status. The cruelest irony, if there isn't enough here, is that because Alex Jimenez is missing, a judge has put a hold on a hearing over her status. So now Yaderlin Jimenez gets to wait for the inevitable news that Alex was treated like a beef cow in the slaughterhouse and whether or not she's allowed to continue to live in the country that her husband suffered and probably died for.
Nothing to say about it really. It's just disgusting.
The Rude Pundit would like to see Malkin and Dobbs and Tom Tancredo standing at an airport, watching Yaderlin led to a plane to take her back to Santo Domingo. Maybe they could manipulate the corpse of her husband, an all-American puppet hero, so it waves good-bye and good riddance, that no sacrifice is enough to get into their special club of citizenship.


NYkrinDC said...

On Tdaxp...T= The....XP=experience

hope that helps. :)

Adrian said...

Hmmm.... The DA experience. From his email I had assumed his last name was Habbott. Guess not!

Anonymous said...

Allow a modest challenge to the dogma:
Does this qualify for "hardship" exceptionality? I don't see how we simply say she a priori must not be disqualified for this exception. If she's an illegal immigrant, afterall, whatever her husband does might be irrelevant. It mightn't be, that's true: under what conditions ought it be not irrelevant? there are some--like, she's mothered 5 kids and her husband's here legally.
If you have a woman here have a baby, her husband is here legally, she's not, then there's an interest in exemption from law. If it's the anchor baby deal, this is abominable, and ought be combated, of course. If it's just a reward for her husband's "service", however, I don't see the logic there...I'd be disgusted, rather than at supposed heartlessness, if such amnesty from lawbreaking were made purely on mindless moral's ought be a country of "laws", no?...

Adrian said...

EDH, good point. I am not arguing that the law should be ignored in high-profile media cases, or where an immigrant has an emotional story. I think the law should be changed so that individuals who make sacrifices on behalf of this country are rewarded with citizenship.

An update to this story: apparently John Kerry made some calls and she won't be deported.

Anonymous said...

EDH=eric the arrogant piano playing bastard from LHS. :)
what's the backstory there (kerry)? any idea?
now, the merits:
1) If you're illegal, there should be hardship exceptions, as is currently legal, just as pardons are, simpliciter. I don't see how, however, one justifies changing the law to allow illegal immigrants to stay under any condition, let alone ones descending from private moral intuitions...
2) the anchor-baby phenomenon must be stopped, by perhaps amending the constitution. I'm open to that, scarily.
3) we must abandon posthaste the insidious/evil mccain/kennedy amnesty "destroy the country" bill, enforce the current law (which Bush would never do, the lout), and the 12 million crisis will absolve by weight of pure attrition due to marginal enforcement--e.g., of illegal immigrant FELONS--who, btw, get Z-visas under McCain/kennedy...some 25,000 gang members!!!!???

Adrian said...

Howdy Eric. Still arrogant? Still playing piano? Still a bastard?

Both Kerry and Kennedy pushed DHS to allow the wife to remain in the country. I'd assume their motivation was either their consciences or the legions of constituents calling in and telling them to do something.

Haven't really been following the immigration bill.

Anonymous said...

yo, A-dog. wassup?
Yes to 1 and 2, ignorant as to (3) [is a blood test in order?]
Yes, indeed: "conscience". (!!!!!!!!!!!)
DHS is a joke, as far as I know. Bush [....ought be impeached], Chertoff and the rest should be charged with treason for aiding the enemy by not closing the border. I'll give him credit for a foreign policy and Intel operations that are saving American lives, that's it.
Is there anyone who thinks DHS was a good idea, incientally, other than some liberals/neo-cons and Bush?

Adrian said...

I'm not even sure Bush thought it was a good idea - he stalled on it for years.