These people vote...

Video from Crooks and Liars. The face of the authoritarian follower is shown by this video (wmv).

There are three requirements for what Bob Altemeyer calls "Right-wing Authoritarianism". They are:
  1. Authoritarian submission (unquestioning submission to authority)
  2. Authoritarian aggression (basically the Two Minutes Hate)
  3. Conventionalism (mindlessly following social conventions)
In this video, we see numbers 1 and 2 on clear display. First, aggression:
"I think people have very long memories about Bill Clinton and what it was like to live through that hell..."

"Going through Hillary Clinton is just nothing but socialists and communism."

"Hillary Clinton does not have American values... to her, everything's the world, not the United States, we're not important."

"If Clinton has the opportunity, she'll end America as we know it."
Second, submission:
Q: "Why Giuliani?"
A: "He is strong. He's strong, he's what we need."
Readers of this blog will know I love to hate on Giuliani. It's because he scares me. However, just as scary are his followers.

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Pat said...

i'm more afraid of the followers. politicians like guilliani come and go, but are individuals. these 24%ers scare the crap out of me.