MLS Cup Final

I figured with the amount of coverage I gave the Revs during this playoff run, I should mention the bad news. The New England Revolution lost in the MLS Cup yesterday to the Houston Dynamo, 2-1. It is the 3rd time in a row that the Revs have lost in the Cup final, and the 4th time since 2002.

Taylor Twellman:

"I've got no emotion in me. We've lost every final every which way we can. The way I look at it, we've got absolutely nothing to lose next year. Get back here, we should play four forwards and try to score 12 goals."

Next year!

Here's a video clip of the Revs fans before the game. I'm in there somewhere.



Walker said...

at least this year, nobody can say we didn't just PLAY. that was a damn good game.
and next year it will be better.

Adrian said...

next year, next year....