Abu Muqawama

It's old news now that Abu Muqawama, A.K.A. Andrew Exum, has retired from blogging (temporarily I'm sure). What I hadn't noticed, due to reading Abu Muqawama via Google Reader, was that the Abu Muqawama comment section may be in the process of jumping the shark. A couple months ago you had great comment threads like this one. Now you have a 90 comment thread where anonymous trolls yell "defeatocrat" at each other. "I RED DUG FEITHS BOOK AND HE SEZ UR WRONG!@!!!1" I imagine the blog's remaining authors are too busy with their actual jobs to monitor the comment threads, although Dr. iRack smacks a few fools down in that last link.


Anonymous said...


I really liked Abu Muquwama's blog as it had a lot of centrists and well thought-out left and right opinion. Not too extreme in either direction.

The emotive far right numbnuts will destroy the comments section on that blog.

Adrian said...

It's funny I always thought of Exum and Simpson as part of the up-and-coming lefty-COIN intellectual crowd. But yeah it is a shame that the trolls found it.

fnord said...

Its really sad, seems like a group of far righters have brought with them their equally unhinged group of far lefters and decided to destroy the blog-comments. I used to be the token anarcho-leftist there, and it was good, I think (never at least got any complaints) because the discussions were polite and usually sort-of on topic. The real experts appreciated opposition, and the tone was jocular.

Please feel free to spam the owner of http://sweden1975.t35.com/sw75/index.html who has announced his mission to "ridicule all leftist ideologists" and has now "moved house" to abu muqawama, bringing with him his entourage from Angry Arab. So sad. Where are the hackers when we need them.

Adrian said...

fnord - a couple questions. First, how'd you find my blog, especially as I am currently in posting doldrums (without reliable internet at home after a move)? Also, do you have your own blog? I enjoyed your comments at Abu Muqawama but now that the comment section barely seems worth reading, thbbbt. I wonder the same about SNLII.

The comment dilemma is difficult. I hope though that Abu Muqawama doesn't go the route of the Harvard MESH blog which only allows comments from its little clique, thus restricting the debate to pre-approved ideological positions. Better too free/chaotic than boring.

Fnord said...

lol, 6 years later I find that exchange through google. Guess that answers your question.