My thoughts on the 2010 Election

It could have been worse:

Republicans could have nominated non-crazy people and won elections that they lost, like the Senate seats in Nevada, Delaware and Colorado;

Had they done that, they would have controlled the Senate and probably impeached and convicted Obama (of what, who knows/cares);

Republicans could have won the New York State Governor's race, after which a bunch of my coworkers would likely have been fired (state-funded jobs);

Rand Paul's supporters could have assaulted more random people than they actually did;

It could have been better:

If the stimulus had been larger, unemployment would have been lower, and general voter anger would have been lower;

If the Democrats had held their vote on the Bush tax cuts and allowed the GOP to paint themselves as the party of deficits and rich people, they might have squeeked a few of the tight races;

Young people could have bothered to vote this time, like they did in 2008.

I'm not really disappointed in the election results since it was pretty obvious what was coming. When you lower your expectations it's hard to be disappointed!

And one final point. What sane society would run elections for positions and then forbid the candidates from campaigning on the issues? My ballot had 5 spots for elected judges. However judges aren't allowed to say "I will favor longer prison sentences" or "I will find more people guilty", so I end up watching ads for Judge Pampiano that say "vote for me because I played Little League baseball after people said I was too small!" And that was a winning ad.


CurrentConductor said...

And Patrick won!

I find the Rand Paul assault thing to be really scary, though.

Adrian said...

Well, the day we have to be worried about Massachusetts is-

oh wait, Scott Brown.

Anonymous said...

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