Jimmy Conrad's a classless piece of crap

So on August 9th, Kansas City Wizards at the Revolution, Dempsey and KC defender Jimmy Conrad go up for a 50/50 header. Dempsey goes in with his arms up, as I was taught to go in for headers to protect your own head. Conrad failed to do so, they collided, and Dempsey broke Conrad's jaw. Dempsey has since publically stated that it was unintentional. Conrad was out for a month, and tonight was his first game back. Earlier in the week, on a KC radio show, he said that if he had a chance to go after Dempsey, he would take it (ie he would try to intentionally injure Dempsey) during tonight's game with KC, which turned out to be a 1-1 draw.

Edit: Here's the link to a recording of Conrad's comments.

Well, Conrad was subbed on with 5 minutes left in the game, and he tried to intentionally injure Dempsey twice, once with a hip-check as Dempsey was in mid-stride, and once with a sliding tackle. No card from the ball-less MLS ref.

After the game, Revs assistant coach Paul Mariner had to physically restrain Dempsey after Deuce and Conrad (and KC defender Nick Garcia, who previous to today I thought was the dirtiest player on KC) had some words. Hard to blame Dempsey - Charlton Athletic puts in a $1.5 million dollar bid for him, and now Jimmy Conrad endangers his career for an accidental incident that Dempsey publically apologized for.

Hence, Jimmy Conrad is a classless piece of crap.

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