Today at Clinton's Global Initiative, the Whitehouse promised money to Africa.

Before the plenary session, First Lady Laura Bush announced a $10 million commitment from the United States government toward a $60 million project to install 4,000 water pumps across Africa that would help bring clean water to up to 10 million people on the continent by 2010.
New York Times, Sept 20, 2006

B-2 bomber:

Pricetag, $2,100,000,000
(FAS website)

"We're a generous country that has always reached out to feed the hungry, and rescue captives, and care for the sick. We are guided by the conviction of our founding -- that the Author of Life has endowed every life with matchless value."

Oooooh, $60 million. That's ALMOST half of one percent of a B-2 bomber! We truly ARE generous nation.

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