Wes Clark gives a speech

Wes Clark argues that American foreign policy should be reoriented towards restoring American legitimacy. Read the whole thing. Key paragraphs:
I know there's a few thousand or maybe a few tens of thousands of people out there who are impervious to logic, reason and any moral communication, but there are hundreds of millions, billions out there who watch the United States. They observe our actions in the world. They hear our rhetoric. They're not committed enemies, but they're not necessarily our friends yet. And if we want to succeed in the world, we've got to win over these people, at least to the legitimacy of our aims and purposes.
There are a few thousand people out there that we can't reason with. We know that. but the way we win is to cut them off from the hundreds of thousands or millions of potential recruits who judge America by the legitimacy of our actions and who take their humiliation and anger and frustration and powerlessness and weigh it against America and find a cause that suits their personal psychological needs. We need to remove our actions as a justification for their allegiance to Al Qaeda.
Compare this to Giuliani's comments just after the Republican debates:

Look, it's real simple what happened. These people came here and killed us because of our freedom of religion, because of our freedom for women, because they hate us.

The Daddy Party wants you to stop paying attention to government and let them take care of everything. The Daddy Party's base approves, as you can see by Giuliani's little fit bringing the longest applause of that night. Just shut up and go shopping.

Back to Wes Clark:

How do we regain our legitimacy?
Well, there are three elements here. First, we have to change some of what we're doing abroad. Second, we have to change some of our laws and policies at home. And third, we've got to make some inquiries and serve justice about past conduct.

Just go read the whole thing.

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