What I'm reading

With finals basically done, I can actually read stuff that I'm not forced to. However, this list is just as much to remind myself to read this stuff as it is for my audience of five readers...

What if Bin Laden Were Smart, Like Dr. No or Ernest Blofeld? by Fabius Maximus.

Kremlinology & the Censored DNI Outsourcing Study, by R. J. Hillhouse.

How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans from Tehran, by Joshuah Bearman in Wired.

'People in the White House are talking only to each other,' by Steve Benen.

Fourth Generation Warfare Evolves, Fifth Emerges, by T. X. Hammes.

Fire the Generals! by Douglas MacGregor.


Fabius Maximus said...

The "What if Bin Laden" article was the first in a series. The 2nd adn 3rd chapters are not up.

I hope to have the conclusion posted next week.

Comments welcome!

Adrian said...

Mr. Maximus (can I call you Fabius?)

I shall be on the lookout for parts two and three!