Futbol vs. Football

Soob started this off by sending me this video of David Beckham kicking field goals. Maybe after his MLS career, Beckham can be a kicker for an NFL team - and risk serious injury to make less money than his monthly bank interest.

Unfortunately for Soob, he prefers the NFL, meatgrinder, industrialized, trench-warfare, brute-force-and-rage football. Real football has that ugly side to it occasionally... but at its best, (corny alert) football is art, with its own cultures (Brazilian, British, Serbian, Italian, American) - expressing joy, agony, creativity, skill, agility, patience.

...and of course, humor:


Pat said...

ha, that's only agony for you chelsea fans.

you do have terrible luck with penalties..

subadei said...

"the NFL, meatgrinder, industrialized, trench-warfare, brute-force-and-rage football."

Exactly! Now that you've got the basics, let's mention the intricate systems of formations, aubibles, sneaks, fakes, strategy and tactics. Everything a growing boy needs to while away any given sunday.

Adrian said...

OK, the debate is sealed - the Pope has endorsed football!