Women's soccer spreads to an unlikely place

Congratulations to Saudi Arabia! The Saudis have held their first women's soccer game! Ria Novosti:
The first soccer match between female teams has taken place in Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province, the Al-Watan newspaper said.
The Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University team defeated their guests, the Al Yamamah College, from the capital, Riyadh, in a penalty shoot out after the game had ended 2-2 on Thursday. The newspaper singled out Al Yamamah College's goalkeeper as woman of the match.
Baby steps:
No men were allowed in the stadium, and the referee and her linesman, as well as the fans, were also female.
Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province is a predominantly Shiite area - I'd presume that means the Wahabbist influence (very anti-woman) is weaker than in other areas of Saudi Arabia.

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