Say hello to the new-look Revs

The Revolution completely dismantled defending champs Houston Dynamo tonight, 3-0, despite being without three normal starters (Twellman, Thompson and Smith). Goals came from Ralston, Cristman, and Nyassi. Nyassi's in particular was a fantastic solo effort. Highlights (4 minutes) are posted below.

New England looked like a totally different team from last season - they have a flair they've been missing since Clint Dempsey left. The addition of Kenny Mansally, Mauricio Castro and especially Sainey Nyassi gives them speed and skill that they were lacking last season. Nyassi is incredibly fast, doing step-overs at full speed, and was sprinting back to play defense even in the 80th minute. He was man-of-the-match for me. He set up the first goal and the third goal.... well just watch the highlights.

Mansally also played extremely well, setting up Ralston for the game winner, drawing fouls and looking dangerous the whole time. Castro wasn't on the same page as his teammates, which is expected as he's trained with them for only a week and doesn't speak English, but he was still able to use his skill to frustrate Houston defenders. He drew a hilarious yellow card by doing three cutbacks in a row, running up and down the sideline, until the Houston defender got fed up and hacked him down. Kheli Dube came in for the last ten minutes, but didn't get enough action for me to tell whether he's good or not. And the defensive unit of Heaps/Parkhurst/Albright functioned well.

The amazing thing is that now the Revolution actually have depth. Nyassi and Mansally are the real deal. Castro looks to be a good pickup as well, once he integrates into the team. That means there will be 5 attacking mids competing for 3 spots, and at least three quality forwards competing for two spots. Despite losing four starters in the offseason, this team could in fact be better than last year.


J. Wesley said...

I don't really know any of the American teams. Back in Ukraine I would always go to the Dynamo Kiev games. It was great to watch them beat the Russians. I didn't realize Dynamo Kiev had a namesake in Houston. . . :)

Adrian said...

Funny story about the Houston name. They were planning on calling it "Houston 1836", but changed it in less than a week because they realized they would be throwing away any hopes of scoring big with Mexican immigrants. Thus when the Dynamo visited New England, they were greeted by a banner that said "Houston 1865".