Updating the blogroll

I've added a few new blogs to the blogroll - here are some good posts you should check out if you have time.

Some guy "Rob" has a new blog Rob's Arabic Media Shack. Rob highlights interesting bits and provides summaries for the non-Arabic speakers among us, especially things that aren't covered in the U.S. press. Any blog that disses American media's foreign coverage as much as his does, I'm sure to like. He has good posts like:
Israel-Hezbullah II (wouldn't it be III?)
Zawahiri vs. Sayyid Imam
US-Muslim Brotherhood Rapprochement?
Funding for Middle East Related Think Tanks
The Insurgency Research Group blog is also new and so far has highlighted interesting COIN-related stuff from around the web. It's written by a couple academics in King's College, London.

Ghosts of Alexander is billed as Afghanistanica's replacement (which has unfortunately shut down). It's also new, with only three posts so far. It's first post is very good: A Strategic Communication Plan for Afghanistan.

Paul McCleary is a reporter for the Columbia Journalism Review and is currently reporting from Iraq on his blog War, the military, COIN and stuff. His posts are in depth and very good, for instance, this post The Sunni and the Shia are like the Tigris and the Euphrates, looking at how American soldiers are stuck trying to make sure the Iraqi Police, the Iraqi Army, and their new allies in the Sunni Awakening don't all kill each other.

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