Sarah Palin as VP

So McCain picked Sarah Palin as his VP nominee. See her bio here. Another relevant fact is she's in a mini-scandal now for apparently firing some guy because he wouldn't fire her sister's ex-husband, a state Trooper.

The big issue is that she has absolutely no experience in national politics and has only been governor of Alaska for a year and a half. Basically McCain used his VP pick as a political stunt designed to steal coverage of Obama's acceptance speech. This is possibly the most short-sighted VP pick in history and in my view a colossal blunder by McCain. And since Eddie liked my line about how one should view Palin's "experience" in the executive branch in Alaska, I'll repeat it here:
Governing Alaska is like governing Sim City with the free money cheat. It’s easy to repeal taxes and fund infrastructure at the same time when you have a money spigot.


Grandmasta Splash said...

ok but if we compare Obama's record to Palin's can you honestly say that his is any better?

Adrian said...

When Obama started his campaign you couldn't really say that, but I think now you can. He's beaten the biggest political machine in the country and his campaign operation is very tight. He's also had twice as much time in national politics (4 years now) as Palin has had in state politics (21 months). The biggest indicator is if you go to her "" page you find that she has no positions on foreign policy, trade, immigration, technology, etc. Contrast that to Obama's page at

Jannie "Funster" said...

God, I love McCain

And... "After the stryfoam greek columns get hauled back to the studio lot..." How freaking great (and true,) is that!

A believer.

From the "Right" side.

Adrian said...

Jannie, I'd guess you were a believer before McCain added Palin to the ticket as well. And an enthusiastic vote counts just as much as a reluctant one. McCain needs to broaden his appeal, not make him more appealing to the people that were going to vote for him anyway.