You couldn't write a better script

...for a political comedy:

McCain is the candidate of "experience" - picks VP candidate with zero national political experience

McCain is the candidate of "national security" - picks VP candidate with zero national security experience

McCain puts his "country first" - picks VP candidate who was a member of an Alaskan secessionist party

McCain is the "responsible" candidate - picks VP candidate without doing basic political background research

McCain is the "maverick" - picks VP candidate after being bullied out of his first two choices by the evangelical Right

McCain is the anti-corruption candidate - picks VP candidate who ran Ted Stevens' 527 group and who hired a member of Team Abramoff

McCain is the anti-pork candidate - picks VP candidate who won $27 million in pork for her town of 6000 and fought for the "bridge to nowhere"

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

Unfortunately for comedy's sake, Palin is too young (and not Vietnamese), otherwise the perfect ending would be finding out she had been one of McCain's captors (had you heard he was a POW in Vietnam?) Feel free to add additional contradictions between McCain's rhetoric and his choice of Sarah Palin as VP in the comments.

When a candidate's relationship with the press moves beyond hostile questioning and into ridicule and satire, big chances are needed. Perhaps a third total restructuring of the McCain campaign is in the future!


Pat said...

how about:

candidate who support abstinence-only education, but who's teenage daughter got pregnant?

candidate who is pro-life, yet lauds her daughters "decision" to keep the baby?

Adrian said...

haha yeah. it's one thing to claim your family is out of bounds, but when you parade them on national TV and use your status as "hockey mom" as a good chunk of your experience, then you can't really complain when people juxtapose your "holier than thou" attitude with your own family situation.

also, maverick mccain who hates 527 groups picks maverick palin who happened to have run Ted Steven's (Senate's most corrupt member by a mile) 527 group.

Neotrotsky said...

You couldn't write a better script

...for a political comedy

Sure Obama/Biden

Adrian said...

...i don't get it