Hey look! It's politics & soccer!

A reader* wrote in with the suggestion that I post something about the U.S. government's takeover of AIG, since AIG sponsors Manchester United. I originally didn't want to because I don't really understand the whole AIG/giant economic meltdown. But Kevin Drum doesn't understand soccer and still posted on it, so I suppose I will write something. Here it is:


A lot of Manchester United fans were actually boycotting their club after it was bought by an American, Malcolm Glazer (owner of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and from Rochester NY!). Fans didn't only boycott because Glazer's an American, but also because he's (supposedly) a soulless businessman and bought Man Utd by giving them $850 million in debt (via financial hijinks that I also don't understand). Perhaps the debt argument stands, but these Manchester United fans weren't protesting in 1991 back when Man Utd was put on the market and thus became "for sale", only when it was bought by an American.  However, now not only is their club owned by an American, but their jersey sponsor is owned by the United States government!  Suckers.

*I won't lie, it was my mom, but my blog sounds more important if I pretend people read it who aren't obligated to.


Anonymous said...

hey idiot, it was nothing to do with Glazer being an American and everything to do with him selfishly turning the richest club in the world to one with 600 million pounds worth of debt and interest repayments of around 60 million pounds per season alone.

I dont see you mentioning the failed takeover from Murdoch that United fans thwarted either, and oh thats right, hes not American!

You should probably do some research before spouting such rubbish in future.

Adrian said...

So it had nothing to do with a foreigner owning Man U? How much debt would Murdoch have given the club? I thought the BSkyB deal was killed for being TOO beneficial for Man Utd, yet a lot of supporters still didn't want it?

To be fair if my club (the New England Revolution) was bought by some guy halfway across the world who had never set foot in the stadium, I'd be pissed as well.

Jay@Soob said...

"hey idiot"


"I won't lie, it was my mom, but my blog sounds more important if I pretend people read it who aren't obligated to."

lol! Yep. I could write posts in Swahili about the mating habits of ticks and I'd still have at least one loyal reader.