Africa links

Following up on my mobile banking and African development posts from earlier this week, here are some more links on development in Africa:

Geekcorps. As CurrentConductor pointed out, I probably should have mentioned them in the original post.

Africabeat - How to invest in Africa. Some excellent comments.

AfricanLoft - The 2nd Edition of Africa Enterprising Blog Carnival Opens. Links to a lot of different blogs on "Trade Vs Aid", "Entrepreneurship", "Business and Investment", etc.

beninmwangi - Zambian Head of State Joins Africa's Trade -vs- Aid Debate. Key quotations: is investment and not aid that will bring about sustainable growth and development in our economies. This is not to say that aid is not important, as it does help bring about the requisite conditions for growth.
My government applauds China’s opening up of her markets to 28 African countries...
...leaders of African countries need to do more in the area of infrastructure development.
Human Security Review - Bono's Africa, A Case Study. Chris Albon, a PhD student at UC-Davis, has a humorous take on a recent UNICEF ad campaign.

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