I have been tagged

I was tagged by Soob:
Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
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I'm always curious as to how these things develop, so I traced it back a bit.

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At this point I got tired of clicking. See random fact number 8.


1. I chose my European History major because it meant I would be able to drop 3rd year German, in which all we did for the 5 weeks I remained in the class was read Communist texts from East Germany (this was 2004!).

2. I have 46 gigabytes of music on my computer, in addition to a few hundred CDs - jazz, rock, hip-hop, techno, reggae, bluegrass, blues, gaelic, gregorian chant and pre-gregorian chant, romantic, baroque (organ stuff), electronica, "ethnic" or "world music" (checking these categories makes me realize how inadequate these categories are), funk, folk, latin, R&B, and many that iTunes labels "other."

3. I only got in to Brown University because I was recruited for fencing (tip to parents - if you want your kids to go to good schools, start them fencing).

4. I live on top of a doctor's office.

5. Seven out of twelve pieces of furniture in my apartment come from Ikea. The rest were here when I moved in.

6. I get daily emails from I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?.

7. I'm a rather picky eater, but I love bul goki, Anna's Tacqueria in Porter Square, and East Side Pockets on Thayer Street. I have yet to find a favorite restaurant in DC.

8. When I was in high school I considered going to Berklee and trying to become a professional musician, but decided I didn't have the discipline. I probably made the right choice.

I shall tag the following eight people: Current Conductor, Angry Guy Who Doesn't Know Much, Nanette (maybe it will force her to update her blog), this guy on summer vacation, Blue Blooded Journo, Catholicgauze, K and sithigh.


subadei said...

Fencing? Damn, Adrian, but that was straight out of the blue! Good on you for your achievement.

The only occasion I've had to pick up the foil occurred in high school during PE. I enjoyed it very much, though the "instinct" to swing the foil like a claymore brought more than a few occasions of "Uh, Jay, you can't hack at your opponent," from my teacher.

erica said...

i can has cheezburger is, possibly the best website ever. i don't even really like cats, but they're just so damn CUTE.