Who reads my blog?

I added "Clustrmaps" to my blog back on May 9th, because I'm a sucker for any free stuff that has even marginal usefulness. In the almost two months since I added Clustrmaps, I've had 1009 hits from 866 different addresses, including a few international visitors. So I'd like to take the time to say hello to my international visitors.

Salaam to you in Tehran, Iran, Qatar (or someplace near Qatar in the Persian Gulf - the map is too small to see clearly), and Jiddah.
Konnichi wa to you in Japan.
Magandang tanghali po to you in the Philippines.
Ahn nyeong to you in South Korea.
Pree-vyet to you in St. Petersburg (or maybe in Estonia, but I will assume St. Petersburg because I don't know how to say hello in Estonian).
Merhaba to you in Ankara, Turkey.
G'day to you in Australia.

I am still waiting for my first visitor from South America or Africa.


Pat said...

i dont want to burst your bubble, but its possible they're just web crawlers for search engines etc in different parts of the world. or they could actually be people. i dont know.

Adrian said...


Too late. Bubble burst.

subadei said...

Turn that frown upside down mister!

You could try sitemeter or statcounter. Both provide from whence they came and duration of visit (among other nifty details.)

Pat said...

there you go. duration of more than 2 secs is a real person!

Adrian said...

sitemeter has been added!