"I'm mad as hell."

Nothing like a citizen's (and father's) methodical and righteous anger. Below the cut is a ten-minute video of the living conditions of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 508th Brigade,* 82nd Airborne, at Fort Bragg. The video is a collection of still photos shot by the father of one of the soldiers.

*I think he means 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, which is a part of the 82nd and is also known as 4th Brigade Combat Team. Somebody with more knowledge of the Army feel free to correct me.


Adrian said...

Some guy named Frank brings up good points:

I agree that the zoomies live in palaces. I lived in one after all ;) But, I do have to question the pictures in that video.
1.) Shower curtains and their hooks are generally the responsibility of the current tenants. I was Air Force and, given the “palaces” we lived in, we were still responsible for both of those items.
2.) The “southern-engineered” toilet seat costs about $10 to replace. The current tenant most likely broke it during a drunken fit (Some of us know how that can happen in the military). If he trys to get the Army to replace it, he can get written up for destruction of government property. Replace it already.
3.) The overflowing toilets could be an isolated incident. Who’s to say that it happens regularly? These are young military men. I’ve seen worse happen in my time.
4.) All the other pictures could very well be from a condemned building. Who’s to say for sure?

I guess where I’m going with this is that you shouldn’t base arguments on information gleaned from videos you find on Youtube. The basing of an argument on incomplete evidence is called supposition. Big no-no! If you can find the same exact story with the same exact pictures in a reputable journal, then I’d be more apt to lend credence to what you have to say. Until then, please refrain from posting links supporting your arguments, when they in fact do quite the opposite.

Frank said...

Adrian -

The Youtube video has now been confirmed by a legitimate news source. Fort Bragg personnel say that the soldiers arrived a month early and that they were only given 72 hours notice to get the repairs done that were supposed to take a month. Needless to say, they weren't completed in time.

Watch the news clip:

Adrian said...

Interesting, thanks for the video. My connection is bugging out right now but I'll watch it at school. Seems like they could have been put up in a hotel or something until their quarters were finished, but at least it's not as huge a screwup.

Frank said...

We don't know if they actually had to live in those barracks or not. But, like I said in some of my earlier posts, it's very easy to jump to conclusions when you see only a small part of the problem. It's always better to withhold judgement until you get more facts. Or, in this case, any facts at all.

Adrian said...

AFPS story on it.