Come to my conference!

For my job, I'm helping put on what is shaping to be a pretty interesting conference. September 25 and 26, The Battle of Ideas: Messages, Mediums and Methods will look at how conflicting ideologies influence the conduct of the war on the ground. A bunch of interesting presentations, including one by another guy in my program (US army vet) about his experiences doing information operations in Ramadi.

Confirmed presenters include Marc Lynch, author of Voices of the New Arab Public, John Robb, author of Brave New War, TX Hammes, author of The Sling and the Stone, Todd Helmus and Christopher Paul, coauthors of Enlisting Madison Avenue, and Kyle Teamey, coauthor of the US Counterinsurgency Field Manual.

The seminar is free and all are welcome. Click on one of the links below for more info. When the official link on the NDU website is live I'll post a link to it as well.

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