USA vs Brazil

Yesterday, in addition to the Revs vs. DC game, the United States (minus its players on New England) took on a full-strength Brazil. By all accounts they played well and lost 4-2, the final two Brazil goals being a free kick and a penalty kick. I didn't get to watch it, as I was at RFK stadium, but here are the highlights.


Arjun said...

I have absolutely enver seen the US side play better. They kept the score low and tied the game, playing unbelievable football. It was only in the final ten minutes that shit went down. It was not that Brasil had played poorly and suddenly found their feet but rather than the Americans began to fade, rather rapidly, and the touted coachs son made a poor play.
I also want to highlight that as US soccer has risen in skill level the ability of the officials has not. This was shitty calling by the refs.

Adrian said...

Although I didn't see this game, I feel that Michael Bradley (coach's son) has played pretty well. He tends to play well for a whole game and then get a stupid card or give up a bad foul, but he's also still a teenager. Once he matures a bit, which more playing time will help, I think that part wlil go away.

Interesting that fitness is an issue - the US used to rely on its fitness to be able to out-hustle teams and win on athleticism rather than skill.