Interview with Jeff Larentowicz

Here's an interview with Revolution midfielder Jeff Larentowicz:
Q: Give us a little preview of what [goal celebrations] could be coming up as the games get bigger and the goals more important?
A: It’s a little more difficult to come up with good celebrations when you’re the redhead defensive midfielder who used to wear goggles... I would just look for a lot of fist pumps and yelling.
I watched Jeff Larentowicz (aka Big Red, Ginger Jeff, or the Ginja Ninja) play his college soccer at Brown University, and so it's been pretty exciting watching him get into MLS, then get his first minutes, then get his first start, and finally be recognized as one of the better defensive midfielders in the league.

I had bought his jersey once he got a couple starts under his belt, so last season when the Revs came to DC, I found his email through the Brown alumni system and got his autograph. Then when Pat and I were at Brown's reunion this past summer, we saw him eating lunch outside with (I assume) his parents, and we chatted him up for a few minutes. He was like "Oh, you're the guy that adds all those nicknames on my Wikipedia!" He's a very cool guy - you'd never guess he was a professional athlete who can sell his own posters. Hopefully he'll score a bunch against DC on Sunday...

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