Bibliography on Tuareg Insurgency

I just submitted my research design for my thesis on the Tuareg rebellion. Below I've pasted my bibliography for the benefit of anyone else studying this conflict (other than interviews which I will be keeping confidential). I've separated the sources into categories: general insurgency/counterinsurgency theory, general information on the Tuareg insurgency, the environmental factor, the resource-extraction factor, economic marginalization, and the impact of the U.S. "Global War on Terrorism".

Theoretical works on Insurgency

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General on Tuareg Insurgency

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Alliance Touaregue Niger-Mali. Blog of the ATNM. Updated infrequently.

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Reuters, Voice Of America, La Republicain (Niger), Info-Matin (Mali) and L'Essor (Mali) will be my sources for government statements from Mali and Niger and other current news.


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I'm still looking for a good data set for environmental data in the Sahara/Sahel region.

Uranium and the Rentier State

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Economic Marginialization (almost all general articles contain info on marginalization)

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Al Qaeda/GWoT

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Also, U.S. involvement in Niger and Mali has received coverage in a lot of Stars & Stripes articles that I'll use (although searches for “Tuareg” and “Touareg” get zero hits).

Have fun reading!


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