My thesis outline

Below the cut is my thesis outline, to show how I plan on analyzing the Tuareg insurgency.

  1. Introduction
    1. Scope of paper
    2. "Why care?"
      1. Main argument: Tuareg insurgency as a way of studying important factors in future conflicts, such as marginalization, environment, resources, smuggling, and “War on Terror”
      1. Secondary arguments
        1. A good case for comparing counterinsurgency strategies - usually it's very difficult to compare counterinsurgency efforts (for example Malaya vs. Vietnam) but Mali and Niger face very similar insurgencies and have different outcomes
        2. Look for evidence of qualitative shift in insurgencies (ala Kilcullen and Van Creveld)
        3. U.S. is investing lots of resources (Trans Saharan Counter Terrorism Partnership, etc.) - are they being used well?
  2. Background
    1. 1960s insurgency (historical narrative)
    2. 1990s insurgency (historical narrative
    3. Current violence
      1. Insurgents
        1. May 23 2006 D.A.C.
        2. Ibrahim Bahanga
        3. MNJ
        4. FARS
      2. Counterinsurgents
        1. Mali
        2. Niger
        3. Who's more effective?
  3. Tracing each variable 1990 - present
    1. Social and economic marginalization
    2. Environmental degradation
    3. Resource extraction
    4. Al Qaeda/Global War on Terror
    5. Role of smuggling - crime vs. war
  4. Analysis
    1. How the variables interact with each other
    2. Impact of each variable on decision to turn to violence
    3. Impact of each variable on decision to negotiate or give up violence
  5. Conclusions


chirol said...

Very cool, look forward to reading a copy if I get one =)

Adrian said...

Hopefully I'll be able to publish!