My thoughts on the remaining candidates for 2008

Seems like CPAC every year lowers the political discourse into cheap name-calling, etc. Last year it was with a predictable Ann Coulter moment, this year with Mitt Romney's reprehensible "Democrats want to surrender to terrorists" concession speech (as usual Jon Stewart gives the best response). Here are my thoughts on the remaining candidates:

Barack Obama
  • Pros: huge upside with his potential to rally the country around him and get new people involved in politics (which will come in handy during the coming recession and exit from Iraq). Good tech policy.
  • Cons: so hyped that an Obama presidency would probably be a big disappointment no matter how successful he actually is. Poor health care plan. Inexperienced.
Hillary Clinton
  • Pros: good health care plan. Smart and experienced. Two for one deal with Bill Clinton.
  • Cons: half the country has an irrational hatred for her. Tries to pass stupid restrictions on video games. Political dynasties are bad (1981-2013 with either a Bush or Clinton in the White House).
John McCain:
  • Pros: his nomination/election might see the implosion of the Republican party. Experienced. Surprisingly sane by the standards of today's GOP.
  • Cons: trigger happy. Old. Opposes torture and suspension of habeus corpus, but caved in to Bush on the Military Commissions Act by allowing the President to define torture and exclude who retains their habeus corpus rights (rendering the Act meaningless).
Mike Huckabee:
  • hahahahahaha.
I voted via absentee ballot in Massachusetts for John Edwards primarily because of his anti-poverty platform, his health-care plan, and other domestic policy stuff. Unfortunately Edwards withdrew before my vote was counted. If I could re-vote, I'd probably vote for Obama. It's unfair to Hillary that two of my primary reasons against her are out of her control (media coverage/irrational hatred, and dynasty), but life isn't fair and no-one's entitled to the Presidency.

The biggest surprise? That I agree with TDAXP!

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