Soccer pics & video

First, check out the pictures of Arsenal player Eduardo's broken leg. Birmingham's Martin Taylor had a "mis-timed" tackle (studs up on Eduardo's shin) that gave Eduardo a compound fracture. Taylor was immediately red-carded. The pictures are here, but don't view them before lunch. Sky Sports decided the tackle was too horrific to replay on TV.

Taylor's coach said the tackle "is not even a yellow card."

If it weren't for that tackle and injury,k the game might have been notable for Theo Walcott's first two Premier League goals, Adebayor's really bad play, Birmingham's last-minute tying penalty, and William Gallas's fury. Highlights are here - no replays of the injury though because it wasn't allowed to be shown on TV.

Also check out this video as part of a FIFA Street 3 ad. It's below the cut.

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